For the last 20 years ANN DORGAN has worked as a strategic advisor, executive coach, facilitator, and leader in the private, public and non-profit sectors.  Clients say Ann's strongest ability, is to work at the strategic level with executives in an effort to maximize leadership talent.  She's able to rapidly create a space for trusted, candid conversation and quickly brings simplicity to complex challenges.

Ann is credentialed by the International Coach Federation and holds an M.A. from the Leadership Institute of Seattle in Applied Behavioral Science with the emphasis in Consulting and Coaching Organizations.  Her undergraduate degree is in Visual Communications and Political Science from Evergreen State College.

She spends her time coaching, facilitating and managing around the globe.  Her international work has taken place in Malaysia, China, Canada, Argentina, Bermuda and United Arab Emirates.  She has the honor of working with leaders in Fortune 500 companies, some of which are award winning companies for their distinguished leadership development programs.

Ann also has a breadth of experience consulting and managing internally.  She's been CEO of her own leadership development company, Gumball Enterprises for the last 10 years, 2 years an an internal OD consultant, 1 year as a Director of public radio, 5 years as a vendor accounts manager, and 6 years as senior manager of communication services, staff, facilities and operations.

Ann is also a member of SAG, AFTRA, and EQUITY.  Her earliest career resulted in over 200 credits as a producer, director, editor and performer in predominantly educational film and television.  She brings her production expertise into her work through poetry, stories and metaphor.

Ann is committed to community service.  She is currently on the board of directors for the International Coach Federation Foundation and the Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerators.  Gumball partners with Polaris to eradicate modern day slavery and donates 5% of all net income toward this effort.