Over the past 40 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda has been making a positive impact on children’s lives by matching children, primarily from single-parent homes, with adult mentors.  The children as well as the mentors come from all walks of life, and represent the diversity of Bermuda.  

A Big Brother or Big Sister acts as a mentor and role model.  They help their Littles to grow, not just by offering friendship and guidance, but by sharing experiences.  The “Big” mentor is there to let their Little know that no matter how difficult things get, they have someone special to turn to.  Big Brothers and Big Sisters provide an invaluable role in helping to teach a child values and responsibility – as well as how to have fun.  The result is a child with increased self-esteem and confidence.  

Some of the children we match with Big Brothers and Big Sisters have faced very real obstacles in their lives – having a mentor who knows how to work hard to overcome challenges, and who is willing to share knowledge and experience, makes a world of difference. 

Our Case Managers carefully evaluate prospective volunteers and match the children based on similar interests. Once the child and adult are matched, the case managers are available to advise them in regard to the growth and maturity of their relationship.

The average match lasts three years; many last a lifetime, and the rewards of the match are experienced equally both by the volunteer and by his or her Little.