The Bermuda Jump Rope Federation (BDAJRF) is the island’s first and only organization dedicated to the growth and management of the sport of jump rope in Bermuda.

BDAJRF, is a recently registered charity founded by coach Sionna Barton (aka “Coach Si”), whose goal is to promote the recognition and growth of jump rope in Bermuda by establishing it as an officially recognised national sport.

The seeds of the organization first began in 2010 with the advent of the Bermuda Heart Foundation Jump 2B Fit school program, administered in over 23 public and private primary, middle and high schools. The success of this program drew the attention of the World Jump Rope Federation, and through a collaboration between Jump 2B Fit and the WJRF, Bermuda’s first competitive jump rope team, the Bermy Bouncers was formed in 2014. That same year The Bermy Bouncers were invited to compete for the first time at the World Jump Rope Competition and the success of our team on the world stage led directly to the creation of the Bermuda Jump Rope Federation.

The BDAJRF continues to introduce children to a structured jump rope program as the foundation to learn about nutrition, fitness, and health. We help children of all ages and abilities develop lifelong habits to the practice of health, physical activity, and good nutrition. Jumping or high-impact exercise is very effective for increasing bone density, especially during puberty. Physical activity not only builds strong bones, it also builds muscle, helps prevent obesity and certain diseases and gives the individual great self esteem